MiniMash in the Beeb

Posted on Wednesday, 24 October

Happy Birthday MiniMash!

Posted on Friday, 3 August

TuneCore’s Gadgets We Like.

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Posted on Monday, 5 September

Grandmaster Mash: Hello, I Love the Message

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Posted on Thursday, 1 September

Grandmaster Mash’s newest mix.

A Gizmodo BEST APP!

Posted on Wednesday, 31 August

In times of natural disaster, make sure to stock up on ESSENTIALS:

"MiniMash skips gimmicks" by

Posted on Monday, 15 August

"The mash-up-friendly MiniMash ($2) strays away from the conventional DJ app style, channeling familiar features from the days of vinyl through an interface more reminiscent of early ’90s video games.

MiniMash is the result of much careful thought and consideration.

“We deliberated [about] what features were necessary, and which were frivolous,” explained Chun and Iglesia. ”In the end, we focused on something that music-performance neophytes could still use to make exciting-sounding results, while still powerful enough to encourage additional use and attract more experienced DJs.”

Our testing confirms this to be the case. Not only is MiniMash a fun, exciting music app, but experienced mash-up artists can use it to make pretty amazing stuff, as the above video indicates.”

Gizmodo Love.

Posted on Monday, 15 August

"All the heavy lifting is done in the background—tempo and pitch matching—so that you can create smooth transitions and mixes for most of what you throw at it. You can’t scratch, but you do have some of the tools to do more creative, powerful things with your remixes."

Posted on Monday, 1 August

Review in British DJ Weekly!

"The best thing about this app is the looping function, which sets it apart from some of the other DJ apps we’ve reviewed and generally makes using it much more fun…Coffee-break DJ battle anyone?"